Services Offered

Thank you for visiting my site, and I appreciate your interest in the services I provide.  Assisting animals and people in various ways brings me great joy! Being of service is a key element of my life’s path and purpose.

Following are descriptions of the services I offer, the fees (in U.S. dollars) for such services, and payment options.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in any denomination for each of the services I offer.

Each of the following types of consultation are tailored to meet your needs.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN, and I do not offer medical diagnoses or veterinary type advice to clients.  Rather, I provide information helpful in making informed decisions about matters affecting your animal companion’s health and well-being. This may come about in part through my doing a body scan during an animal communication session so you can better understand your animal friend’s health issue.   My intent is always to empower clients  to care for their animals in a more holistic, natural manner, and to encourage them to educate themselves and others regarding same.  Always consult with your veterinarian regarding medical issues and for a proper diagnosis of any health condition.  An accurate diagnosis is important to determining the best natural care options to include in your animal companion’s health care regimen. I also highly encourage you to locate a holistic veterinarian or homeopathically trained veterinarian to work with.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION SESSION. A telepathic animal communication session offers you a unique perspective on your animal companion’s personality — what they feel, think, believe, understand . . . and about your animal companion’s spiritual self or soul, which has a purpose and a path in this lifetime, as we humans do. I am deeply committed to educating and encouraging others to learn about and consider their animal companions from a whole new perspective. To see them as loving beings who are with us to teach us, to learn from us, to share with us at more than just a physical level. A telepathic communication session serves to enhance the bond between the animal and his or her person or family, bringing clarity and deeper understanding to their relationship. An animal communication session can address behavioral and emotional issues, performance issues, make the connection with an animal in spirit, address the euthanasia question . . . there is really no limit to what an animal communication session can be helpful for.

A telepathic animal communication session can also provide you with information about health issues through my scanning of the animal’s body to pick up information about how the animal is feeling. This includes how their energy field is functioning (blocks in energy), and what I psychically see, feel and sense about the various systems of the body. In connection with a body scan, I may make suggestions for your consideration as to certain natural care options which may be of benefit to your animal friend.

Note that I work differently from most professional Animal Communicators in that I am not on the telephone with you when I do the session. That is because I am working directly with the animal (mind-to-mind connection) and typing out everything that comes through during the session so that you receive a typed transcript afterwards to read and refer back to. I do ask that clients contact me by telephone after reading the transcript so that I can be certain all that comes through in the session, as detailed in the transcript, is clear to them. Please contact me for specific instructions regarding what to send me so that I may do the best session possible with your animal friend (alive or in spirit). Note that for an extreme emergency (serious injury, imminent euthanasia, etc.), I do offer telephone sessions.

ENERGY CLEARING AND BALANCING SESSION FOR AN ANIMAL OR PERSON. These sessions can be done separately for an animal or person, or incorporated into an animal communication session. I am a Reiki Master, an Angelic Frequency Healer (working with energies of the angelic realm), and am also trained in a process called Emotional Release Intensive. AH and ERI are not mainstream; I learned those healing arts as part of my training and ordination. I don’t follow any specific process now because it has all melded together to become a combination of benevolent energies that I channel and work with. I follow my intuition regarding what is most appropriate and helpful to any animal or person at that time. I believe having an intent to do good is the most important part of any type of energy work, animal communication, etc. Having and holding that intent, while not attempting to impose your will that the person or animal be healed (sometimes they’re not ready, sometimes that’s not the direction of their path, and it’s never right to try to do that if they’re not willing), creates an energy of itself, which assists and supports the animal or person on their life’s path, whatever that may be.

ENERGY CLEARING AND BALANCING FOR HOME AND PROPERTY. I offer this service for those who do not wish to clear their own home and/or property of discordant or disharmonious energies. This service is available by remote work (i.e. distance energy work, rather than in person at the property). In the alternative, you are welcome to contact me for an energy clearing and balancing technique you can perform yourself for your home and property. I recommend such clearing and balancing be done at least weekly (and more often if animals and/or other humans live in the home with you, to help keep your space in harmony and balance, and to help keep relationships peaceful and harmonious).

BACH FLOWER ESSENCES FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS.  There are 38 remedies made from different flowering plants and trees.  Bach flower essence remedies contain the vibrational (energetic) essence of the natural substance it was distilled from.  These remedies address negative thoughts and mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual trauma and issues in a very gentle manner, and the remedies are vibrational in nature so they do not work physiologically in the body like medications and herbs do. The energy of a Bach essence does not interfere with the efficacy of any medication or supplement. See the Vibrational Essences page for more information.

WILD EARTH ANIMAL ESSENCES FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS.  “Gentle Remedies for Support and Transformation”.  In the tradition of flower essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences nurture you with the wisdom and power of wild animals. (No animals are captured or harmed.)  Animal essences, like flower essences and gem elixirs, are “vibrational remedies”.  Each of the animal essences contains the vibrational imprint and energy of the animal but does not contain any animal parts.  The remedies are made during a ceremonial process of attunement in the wild.  This ceremonial process takes place in the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and includes the invocation of the spirit of the animal, along with meditation and prayerful attunement with the animal involved. See the Vibrational Essences page for more information.

HOLISTIC ANIMAL CARE CONSULTATIONS.  Learning about and implementing a “more natural, less chemical” approach to your animal companion’s health care is one of the most loving gifts you can provide for them.  I offer consultations regarding the basics of holistic animal care, which can include but is not limited to raw food diets, chiropractic and other body work, supplements that support the immune system and/or can be helpful for certain health problems, the usefulness of herbal and homeopathic remedies, basic first aid using natural products, and the use of Bach flower essences for addressing mental, emotion, spiritual, and, in certain cases physical, issues the animal (or person) is dealing with.

BASIC ANIMAL CARE CONSULTATIONS. Animal lovers are becoming more aware of health and behavioral problems associated with feeding inferior quality kibble and canned foods and processed treats (including chemically preserved biscuits, rawhide chews and the like), specifically those containing a poor quality of ingredients.  If you are not familiar with what those ingredients in your animal friend’s non-premium grade kibble or canned food  and fancy treats really are, and what that means to your animal friend’s health and longevity . . . perhaps it’s time to know.  A basic animal care consultation can include, but is not limited to,  information regarding appropriate kibbles or canned foods to feed or avoid and why; how to supplement with natural foods if desired; choosing safe toys, raw bones and natural biscuits/treats instead of commercially prepared products; options for natural pest control; and more. This type of consultation can also include information regarding the over-vaccination of dogs and cats and potential side effects of same.

BONES AND RAW FOOD CONSULTATIONS.  For those interested in learning about feeding a raw food diet.  In most cases, feeding a raw diet costs the same or less than a bag of premium kibble.  These consultations can include, but are not limited to,  information regarding the principles behind the raw food diet, health benefits which can be expected (included reduced veterinary bills, fresher breath and clean teeth!), the use of certain supplements, ways to obtain foods at reduced cost, what to expect during the detoxification process, the use of raw recreational bones for dental health, natural treat recipes and more.

INTUITIVE/SPIRITUAL  GUIDANCE.  Telephone or channeled writing sessions are available. Please see the Intuitive Guidance page for more information.

I am asked to assist people with problems and issues they are dealing with, questions they have about finding their life’s purpose and path, letting go of old habits and patterns and relationships that no longer serve them, spiritual crises/crossroads, getting out of ruts, metaphysical matters, job changes, health challenges and more. In these sessions I call on your guardians, guides, angels and Higher Self for information and assistance to help you with any area of your life. General readings, specific issues/questions, relationships, business matters, etc. can be explored from a realistic and spiritual perspective. Learn what your guides want you to know at this time in your life. Tarot cards can be utilized (information from them is guided by my knowledge of their meanings, your guardians, angels, guides and Higher Self’s input, and my intuition), or I can just tap in and pass along what comes through from your guides, Higher Self and my intuition as we talk. A third option is that I can conduct the session with your guardians, angels, guides and Higher Self through a process known as channeled writing, and provide you with a typed transcript of the session versus us doing a telephone session. Please contact me for more detailed information about the intuitive/spiritual guidance sessions.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve received about intuitive guidance sessions:

  • “Your readings are very powerful! At times it was hard for me to let things in (the rebel archetype) but I resisted that impulse as best I could. I have come away from the experience with a clarification that is very important for my work and I thank you for this marvelous gift. You are a master!”
  • “I feel that the reading changed my energy enough to make positive changes in my life. I made some decisions after we spoke that helped me move forward. It was as though something clicked, and suddenly I stopped looking over my shoulder. I want and deserve the light before me. Thank you for your assistance. I will recommend you to anyone that I feel would be open to your work.”
  • “I had a session with you some time ago. It really helped and my life and awareness is increasing everyday.”
  • “Thanks again for doing the reading for me yesterday, I am still in awe.” T.S.
  • “Just wanted to thank you for your time and your energy! Am thinking about it all and now feel more Free to make a decision. Love, J.J.”
  • “Thanks so much for taking the time for me, I really enjoyed the talk, and YOU. You are great to talk to.” A.K.
  • “Thank you very much for the guidance session. I received the help I had been praying for. Thanks for helping me visualize a new future.” B.C.
  • “Hi, Kat! You certainly gave me a lot to think about and explore! I have had many readings over the years, but what you told me was the most direct and most helpful!” C.B.
  • “I just finished a tarot card reading with Kat earlier this morning. She is good! It brought greater clarity to areas and paths I need to take in my life. She brings the past, present and future into her reading and it helped me see where I should be putting my focus and energies. PS: I think she should charge more . . . she is worth every penny.”

NOTE: I highly recommend taking the appropriate Wild Earth Animal Essences or Bach Flower Essences in conjunction with working on issues that are addressed in an intuitive guidance session. This will facilitate faster processing and movement towards your goals, whatever they may be (greater understanding, motivation, release of anger, clarity in relationships or business decisions, etc.).

WORKSHOPS.  Please see the Workshops and More page.

∞  ∞  ∞   Fees for Services  ∞  ∞  ∞

Animal Communication Session: $180/hour for 1 or 2 animals (if 2 animals, issues/questions to be addressed must be the same for each animal, with limited exceptions); and $200/hour for 3 to 6 animals, if common issue(s) or message(s) are to be addressed (with limited exceptions). If you have a variety of unique questions for each of two or more animals, or more than 3-4 common questions for each of two or more animals, I may choose to do the communications as separate sessions rather than as a group session.  A time/fee estimate is provided for your approval before I proceed; fees are prorated in 15-minute increments for time expended in connection with the session; session minimum is 30 minutes.

Lost Animal Cases:  Due to time constraints I am not offering this service at this time.  See the Lost and Missing Animals page for a link to a list of communicators who accept these cases as well as extensive information on steps you can take to increase the chances of your pet returning or being found.

Bach Flower Essences or Wild Earth Animal Essences Consultations (by e-mail) and Initial Treatment Bottle: $32 (2 oz. treatment bottle, lasts 4-6 weeks). Fee includes evaluating issues, determining appropriate remedies, and the first treatment bottle. Follow-up bottles are $22. Remedies are reevaluated based on progress seen and remaining issues to be resolved.  One bottle may be sufficient, but deep seated or long-standing issues may require a few weeks to a few months for good resolution. Bottle costs include priority shipping within the U.S. only.

Energy Clearing and Balancing Session for Animals or People. $80/hour, 30 minute minimum. Energy sessions are done at a distance, i.e. not in person, with a transcript regarding the work done and the information received by me during the session provided afterwards.

Energy Clearing and Balancing of Home and Property. $80/hour, 30 minute minimum. Energy sessions are done at a distance, i.e. not in person, with a transcript regarding the work done and the information received by me during the session provided afterwards.

Holistic Animal Care Consultation, Basic Animal Care Consultation, and/or Bones and Raw Food Consultation: $80/hour, prorated in 15 minute increments (by telephone only).

Vaccination Issues Information: $40/hour, prorated in 15 minute increments (by telephone only).

Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance Session: $180/hour, prorated in 15-minute increments with a 30-minute minimum. If you like, the session can be taped on standard cassette tapes (shipping charges apply) if the session is done by telephone versus a channeled writing session (typed transcript is provided). A time/fee estimate is provided for your approval before I proceed; fees are prorated in 15-minute increments for time expended in connection with the session; session minimum is 30 minutes.

Payment Options: I accept personal checks and money orders (U.S. clients only), Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.