Barney&Max05-05-022Online Courses and Teleclasses. Carol Schultz, fellow Animal Communicator, founded the Animal Spirit Health and Education Network, which is a great resource for pet owners, veterinarians and technicians, etc. in all sorts of topics including animal communication. Online and teleclasses plus some in-person workshops are offered through the Network.

Animal Communication Courses. Along with myself, there are many professional Animal Communicators who teach animal communication courses or offer training extensive programs.  To find one near you, see the directories of professional Animal Communicators at and at Penelope Smith’s website,  These are not all-inclusive lists. If you do not locate one in your area, consider sponsoring a course in your area — some Communicators will travel to other locations to teach a course if enough students are interested.  There are  excellent and well-qualified teachers available. Ask about their training, their background, how they became a professional Animal Communicator, etc. — whatever you’d like to know about them, so that you’ll know you’re learning from the teacher who meets your criteria.

Each Communicator shares their own unique style in the work they do and the manner in which they teach. I encourage you to find out as much as possible about your potential teacher, so that you will know how compatible your learning style and their teaching styles will be.  I also encourage you to take courses from several professional Animal Communicators as each will have something different to offer you. I hope you’ll follow your interest and curiosity about telepathic animal communication, and keep learning.

Links This website has many helpful articles about cats, cat behavior, cat health and more. Website with articles and information regarding addressing canine health issues and more. A fabulous site about the history of blue Weimaraners.  Another fabulous site all about Weimaraners. Website of Madalyn Ward, DVM, with articles and information pertinent to horses.

Important Telephone Numbers to Have On Hand

National Animal Poison Control Center 800-548-2523 or 888-4ANIHELP (888-426-4435) (U.S.A. only)

Your veterinarian’s telephone number

The telephone number for the nearest animal emergency clinic (and address as well)

Other Service Providers  This is the site of Paul Hellings of Animal Holistic Health in New Zealand. Paul also offers beneficial techniques for people. See Paul’s site for information regarding N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System, formerly NeuroLink) and the other services he provides. Paul is a compassionate, caring man who genuinely wants to help people and animals have happier, healthier lives. While I was on a teaching trip in New Zealand, Paul introduced me to the amazing modality known as N.I.S. (formerly NeuroLink). There isn’t anything exactly like it – and it WORKS! N.I.S. is a painless, fascinating and unique way of working with the brain to help the body self-correct health and other issues. I could write a LOT here about how wonderful this treatment modality is, as I’ve experienced it myself, and so have my animal friends, with amazing results. It’s unlike anything else I’ve experienced, and oftentimes one treatment is all it takes. Chronic conditions can be treated as easily as new conditions. N.I.S. can be helpful for Allergies, Digestive disorders, Glandular problems, Hormonal imbalances, Lameness, Nerve entrapment, Spinal realignments, Temperament issues, Toxicity, Viral and bacterial infections, and much more. IN ADDITION, Paul offers an emotional release technique for people which is awesome!! I’ve personally experienced this emotional healing myself (long distance!) and the benefits on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) are unlimited. Please contact Paul through his site for more information. The wonderful folks at Elehost Web Design, Inc. provide high quality, very affordable web hosting and web design services for companies of all sizes, worldwide, from their offices in Toronto, Canada. This is an innovative, reliable, friendly, professional, compassionate group of people who care about the world, the animals and the environment, and deliver exceptional service at very reasonable prices.  They host my website, and help with the design/development of this website as well. I highly recommend them!