Intuitive Guidance

Tarot Card Reading in San Antonio TXIf you are ready for positive forward movement in your life, please contact me for more detailed information about the intuitive/spiritual guidance sessions I offer. I would be honored to assist you in this way.

I am often asked to assist people with problems and/or issues they are challenged with, questions they have about finding their life’s purpose and path, letting go of old habits and patterns and relationships that no longer serve them, spiritual crises/crossroads, getting out of ruts, metaphysical matters, job changes, health challenges, loving partner manifestation and more.

In these sessions I call on your guardians, guides, angels and Higher Self for information and assistance to help you with any area of your life. General readings, specific issues/questions, relationships, business matters, etc. can be explored from a realistic and spiritual perspective. Learn what your guides want you to know at this time in your life.

I offer these sessions in three formats for you to choose from. In each format I connect with your guardians, guides, angels, Higher Self and tap into my intuition to provide you with timely and useful information to work with in moving forward with purpose on your life’s path. The formats I offer are:

  • Tarot cards can be utilized (information from them is guided by my knowledge of their meanings, your guardians, angels, guides and Higher Self’s input, and my intuition) during a telephone session.
  • Or we can talk by telephone without my incorporating the use of the Tarot cards into the session.
  • Or, I can provide to you a typed transcript of a session done on your behalf based on a process known as channeled writing. We are not on the telephone together when I do this format, but we do talk by telephone after you read the session transcript which I send to you.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve received about my intuitive guidance sessions:

  • “Your readings are very powerful! At times it was hard for me to let things in (the rebel archetype) but I resisted that impulse as best I could. I have come away from the experience with a clarification that is very important for my work and I thank you for this marvelous gift. You are a master!”
  • “I feel that the reading changed my energy enough to make positive changes in my life. I made some decisions after we spoke that helped me move forward. It was as though something clicked, and suddenly I stopped looking over my shoulder. I want and deserve the light before me. Thank you for your assistance. I will recommend you to anyone that I feel would be open to your work.”
  • “I had a session with you some time ago. It really helped and my life and awareness is increasing everyday.”
  • “Thanks again for doing the reading for me yesterday, I am still in awe.” T.S.
  • “Just wanted to thank you for your time and your energy! Am thinking about it all and now feel more Free to make a decision. Love, J.J.”
  • “Thanks so much for taking the time for me, I really enjoyed the talk, and YOU. You are great to talk to.” A.K.
  • “Thank you very much for the guidance session. I received the help I had been praying for. Thanks for helping me visualize a new future.” B.C.
  • “Hi, Kat! You certainly gave me a lot to think about and explore! I have had many readings over the years, but what you told me was the most direct and most helpful!” C.B.
  • “I just finished a tarot card reading with Kat earlier this morning. She is good! It brought greater clarity to areas and paths I need to take in my life. She brings the past, present and future into her reading and it helped me see where I should be putting my focus and energies. PS: I think she should charge more . . . she is worth every penny.”

NOTE: I highly recommend taking the appropriate Wild Earth Animal Essences or Bach Flower Essences in conjunction with working on issues that are addressed in an intuitive guidance session. This will facilitate faster processing and movement towards your goals, whatever they may be (greater understanding, motivation, release of anger, clarity in relationships or business decisions, etc.).

You will find fee information for an Intuitive Guidance Session on the Services Offered page.

A Special Testimonial:
I came across Kat through someone’s recommendation in the UK and I count my blessings that I did. Kat is a no nonsense reader who says it how it is, in the kindest and most respectful way possible. She works at a level most of us could only ever dream of, and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is the real deal and working for your highest and best good. Kat is the most talented person in this field that I have ever come across; and being a lightworker myself, I have come across many. I used Kat for a reading for myself as I had been going around in circles for seven years after a divorce. It was astounding. It was factual and to the point and was given with love and respect, but brought home all the things I had forgotten I should be doing, and also reminded me of the things I had been doing that I could let go of. It answered so many questions that I needed answers to, and also changed the way I looked at myself and the world completely. I would have struggled in the same old loop for the rest of my life had I not had this reading. Recently, an event happened that would have knocked me sideways for months on end, if not years; but with the help of Kat working with my guides and other guides in spirit, I can now see that these old patterns need to stop, and thankfully I dealt with that event in a very short space of time. If you are stuck and just can’t move forward, I cannot recommend Kat highly enough. The reading has changed my life for the better, and I know if I continue to follow the advice in my reading, my life will continue to move in a much more positive way, in every respect. THANK YOU, KAT. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Kindest wishes – J.P. ( UK )