What Is Animal Communication?

Telepathic Animal Communication in San Antonio TXThe ability to telepathically connect with other beings has been a tremendous blessing in my life, and I am most grateful that I can serve animals and their human companions this way.  This ability is inherent in all of us, and if you are committed to opening to it, you too can telepathically communicate with the animals.

Pet Psychic in San Antonio TXDefinitions From The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary: Animism: reflects the life force in all things; the fundamental essence. Holistic: emphasis on each part of the whole [in this case, the “whole” being the body, mind, spirit and emotions in human and non-human creatures] is as important as the whole. Metaphysics: doctrine that all things are a part of one great Source (intelligence or energy; Cosmic Consciousness), each piece of the whole is dependent on the others, and all contribute to the Source. Telepathic Communication: to psychically send and receive messages over a distance, in the form of pictures, words, colors, feelings, sensations, movement, sound, and viewpoint. Telepathy is . . . “The touch of consciousness of one [being] upon another with the ability to discern what the [other] is thinking and feeling at the present moment; the sensing can be thoughts, visions, hypnotic energy, body movements, subconscious data, feelings, illness, emotional states, psychic messages, or the train of inner-dialogue. . . “.

BubbaFaceAnimal Communication:
Its Purpose and Uses

An Animal Communicator is also known as a Pet Psychic. The purpose of a communication session is, among others, to more fully understand the psyche of your animal companion, to enhance the quality of its life, and to make a connection at a different level to “see through new eyes” the animals who inhabit your lives, whether domestic or wild.

Communication sessions with animals can be beneficial for:

◾ learning the reason(s) behind your animal companion’s actions (such as aggression, separation anxiety,  inappropriate elimination, etc.) in order to resolve such issues and communicate the desired behavioral changes;

◾ understanding and addressing emotional phobias, fears and trauma (including neglect and abuse such as with rescued animals);

◾ understanding issues between animal companions in order to restore harmony to the home;

◾ assisting your animal to better understand you, and you them;

◾  obtaining information about health issues;

◾ learning their likes and dislikes;

◾ explaining changes in lifestyle, living arrangements, death of a loved one . . . ;

◾ discussing with the animal their impending death (in cases of terminal illness or injury);

◾ communicating with animals who have passed over and are now In Spirit, to assist their person in honoring and healing their grief and loss;

◾ locating a lost animal;

◾ learning what you can do to make your animal companion’s life more complete, fulfilling, rewarding and fun;

◾ learning your animal’s life purpose;

◾ exploring past lives, both the animal’s separate lives and those you’ve shared together;

and much more.  Telepathic communication can be used to address any number of situations you and your animal may deal with in your relationship and, most importantly, to deepen your special bond.