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It is my hope that the following case examples are interesting, informative and eye-opening. I have yet to find an issue or situation that cannot be addressed in some way with a telepathic communication session. This does not always mean that the issue is or will be resolved. Every living creature has free will, and it is important to honor that truth by accepting and acknowledging it to ourselves.Sometimes, to resolve an issue or improve the relationship, it is we, not our animal companions, who must change an attitude, outlook, behavior or expectation.

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Animal Communication Case Topics

Introduction of New Animal to Household

Lost Animals

Hunting, Field Work, Show Competition, Etc.

Health Issues

Rescued/Adopted Animals

Terminal Illness; Euthanasia; Death;

Animals In Spirit

Behavioral Issues

Life Purpose and Past Lives


Introduction of New Animal to HouseholdIowa Contacted a dog regarding his human companion’s desire to adopt from a rescue group a particular dog who had behavioral issues and had been in half a dozen foster or adoptive homes over a year’s period. I worked through her dog’s concerns and fears regarding same (losing his place of importance was most prominent, as well as not wanting to share his human family with another dog). At the end of the session the dog was ready for a canine companion and looking forward to “showing him the ropes”. Then I engaged in a separate session a short while later with the incoming dog (who was in Oregon at the time). The client wanted to be certain he wanted to be a member in this new home, that he was willing to work with the woman to address and resolve the anxiety issues and destruction that had ensued in the past, and that he would be comfortable with the other male dog.”I have had you do [initial and follow-up] communication sessions with my two dogs, and have been very impressed and intrigued. The first session was with my young male who at the time was our only pet. My intent was to have you communicate to him that we hoped to adopt an older rescue and get his thoughts and feelings, and hopefully his support of the idea. He was resistant and insulted at first . . . but you managed to show him how it could benefit him. He has some rigid ideas about himself and how he needs to advance or be promoted, and his interest picked up when you showed him how helping an older dog and welcoming him into our home might help him with his own [life] goals. . . he even went so far as to comment [in the session] that perhaps my wanting to add a second dog was an indication that I’m gradually opening my heart in a way that relates to his life purpose.

The second session was with the rescue dog in advance of my trip to bring him home. He was miles away and we had never met. I wanted him to feel secure coming with me, and to know all about the trip home, his new family members, and how much we were looking forward to him [joining us]. He seemed pleased to learn of the plans and was tickled to be coming to a home with three females! He promised to be good on the trip. What I didn’t foresee was astounding to me. A friend and I drove to pick the dog up. The friend entered the house first. He bypassed my friend immediately and came straight to me, his tail making his entire body wiggle! He showered me with welcome kisses and was soon even rolling onto his back for a gleeful belly rub! This nearly brought me to tears and I am sure he knew exactly which person I was. He was an excellent traveling companion and has been a very obedient, loving companion in the [time] since.

The dogs have had a very easy time getting to know one another, with very few incidents. They continually progress as our two canine family members. I plan to have you work with both dogs in the future . . . and highly recommend you to anyone interested in animal communication.”

Canada A dog seemed to be depressed or worried. A second dog had recently been added to the home, and tended to pester him. The woman was concerned about how that was affecting him. She also had concerns about certain medical issues. “The info about how he sees his own body and the fact that that is what is depressing/frustrating him helps a lot (i.e., the female dog is not the reason). It was also helpful to have the other dog’s presence explained to him — his importance in our life. . . As a result of the consultation I can provide him with appropriate reassurances which I believe will help. . . . he does seem more cheerful and more accepting of her presence. He is also more assertive with her — he is more vocal in telling her to back off when she’s bugging him. I also found that I feel less guilty when she bugs him. I know he can handle himself and she is not the cause of any moodiness. you have been very helpful both before and after the communication — you have been able to provide suggestions for dealing with concerns and communicating with both of my dogs.”

Nevada A dog who had been in the home approximately one year was very nervous, and the client wanted to be sure she knew she belonged and was loved. “I think the most helpful part for her and I was her now knowing that she is with me permanently. She is still very nervous and I believe that may just be her personality, something that cannot be changed. However, she no longer “watches” my other dog as intently as she used to and I think that she has realized that she is her own person and does not have to be exactly like the other. Everything hit very close to home and I got very emotional about some of it. I am so happy to know that she now knows this is her place . . . I believe that she has become more confident after you spoke with her and I have made sure to talk to her a lot about the things that were bothering her. I have learned a lot from this experience and hope that she has too.”

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Health Issues

California Assisted a female dog who seemed to be having hip/low back pain, and also had spells of incontinence. The client wanted to know how her relationship with the male dog in the home was working out. She was also concerned about the female’s behavior and moods (aggressive and unpredictable at times), and a concern that she may nip or bite people. I located the specific area of pain and obtained information useful to her vets, including that chiropractic care would be helpful. Eased the dog’s concerns that the treatments would hurt, and acknowledged her need to move at her own pace.

“I feel more connected to her than I have in a long time. It is like we have a special secret between us. I feel like i have a better understanding of her, and that we are kindred spirits, in a very deep way. The information about her pain and the intensity of it, has made me realize that although she has lived with it for a while, that we can do things to help ease it for her. It was very helpful to get her feelings and concerns about interventions. I spoke with my chiropractor about her pain, and she offered to try energy work on her. Knowing that my dog was worried that any treatment might hurt her, I told my chiropractor, and she chose to not use an activator, but only healing hands. My chiropractor . . . suggested that I discuss the appointment with my dog ahead of time, to get her permission/agreement. I did this, and got the feeling that she wasn’t thrilled about the idea. She wouldn’t meet my gaze when we talked about it. I decided to tell her my experience with the chiropractor, and how gentle she is. And that I hoped she would trust me as I thought this was a great opportunity. My chiropractor was waiting for her at the door of her office. She wagged her tail and walked in as if they knew each other. My doctor told me later that she had been sending communication to my dog earlier that day. She eventually lay down on the floor and relaxed, and almost fell asleep. The doctor mentioned that she had visualized her exactly in that position earlier that day. My doctor commented to me when she felt release, and noticed how my dog reacted; she explained . . . [when] there is a release, it can be uncomfortable and achy at first. . . she mentioned how sensitive my dog is, and that some of her pain may be related to my husband’s chronic back pain. . . . .

I also understand more about her reactions with my male dog. And realize that I am probably more intolerant of his behavior than she is! It does seem that since this consultation, he is mounting her less, and that their playtime is more cooperative. It’s almost as if they had a little chat and came to some mutual agreement (or could it be that he is getting a bit more mature]. . . I am also trying to be more aware of her sleeping/meditative states so as not to startle her. . . I think this is fascinating and would definitely be interested in future consultations. Not only for my female dog but for my other animals. I think that I am very sensitive to my animals, but have not understood certain levels of their communication. Every bit of insight is so helpful in tuning into our animal’s needs. It has opened up a whole new place of understanding and compassion [in me] for my animals. This was a wonderfully educational experience, and I appreciate your insight as well as your genuine concern for my dog’s well being.”

Texas Assisted a client by receiving information regarding her horse’s health, which she was able to act upon appropriately. “Thank you, I found the information extremely helpful, and was able to tailor his supplements to ensure he received what he needed. I noticed improvement within a few days.”

Illinois A dog had been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease, and the client wanted to know how she could better assist him with this. “Your explanation of his thought process of the “psychosomatic manifestation” regarding his stomach troubles was most helpful. And the fact that he feels that he will, in his own time, heal. It helped to confirm that he needs a lighter fare and to know that he does have cramping sometimes after eating. I was unaware of this. I also found it helpful that you persevered in your questioning about his life’s purpose. I think it helped him focus and deepened my understanding of him. [As to whether the problem has resolved,] . . . in the past couple of weeks now, his stools are normal. From the consultation, I realized that he is working on healing himself and that I shouldn’t worry so much about it. You gave me the awareness that as long as I’m sensitive to his food desires (or lack thereof), he will continue to heal.”

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Behavioral Issues

Michigan A woman was dealing with sudden unprovoked aggression by a female dog toward others in the household. “[The session was helpful to me in] understanding how my dog sees herself in the household scheme of things, the position she believes that she should be in as well as how others should behave. [The problem] is not 100% resolved, however this will take time. Her attitude will need changing, and her battle partner will need to gain confidence again. I understand that there is not a quick fix, so just looking for directions to point in. The consult was handled very professionally, and you were able to capture many facets of the personality without knowing these aspects. Questions and clarifications were prompt and clear. [I] did notice more compliance on her end of things the following day. She has since become more submissive (this is good) with the other dogs, and has not been bullying.”

Iowa A woman’s daughter was very upset because one of her male cats had stopped using the litter box, and at times was eliminating right in front of them. I spoke with the cat and obtained information regarding his physical health, why he was upset such that he was exhibiting this behavior, and what could be done to resolve the issues. The daughter’s fiance’s attitude toward the cat, as well as the behavior of the other male cat, were two of the reasons the first cat was upset and acting out. He had received one acupuncture treatment prior to my being asked to do a session, in hopes of resolving stress and anxiety/energy imbalances.

[From the mother, who actually commissioned the session — she adopted the cat from her daughter, and took him for his second acupuncture treatment] “Our trip to the veterinarian was very interesting! I gave him the information you received from my cat. The doctor read the notes and said that from your comments he was immediately reminded of a point called the Bau Wei, the point that communicates with the energy of the Universe. He said this is an excellent point to use for relief with behavioral and stress issues. In humans this is on the head, in horses this point is on their rear, and there is controversy in the profession about where it is located in cats and dogs. Some feel the point is on the head where he treated my cat last (I would call it the base of the head in the back). Others feel it is on their rear. The doctor felt it made sense based on your description to place a needle at both the head and rear. He said it also brought to mind what are called the two Bladder 28 points, which would relate to any possible inflammation there. These points are also on the hind end, and so in all he placed four needles today. My cat sat peacefully for nearly forty minutes with these needles in, as the doctor saw another patient. I came over to him several times and he rubbed his head against my hand and purred. Then I would go back to the corner of the room and take a seat, while he sat motionless on the exam table. I also printed my cat’s description [what he said to you] of how he felt about the first acupuncture session for the veterinarian, in particular:

‘Yes, I feel a bit smoother now, like I’m more with me [more connected with himself]. But there is still something not quite right. Yes, please do more. It helps. My body feels better. I’d like to feel more of those points [needles] once in a while. It feels good. It makes my body hum and I really love that. [i.e, the acupuncture makes his energy flow smoothly and he’s much more comfortable then.] And this most incredible warmth and flow happens, it’s mmmmmmmmm. Do you know?’

The doctor’s wife came into the room part way through and was amazed that my cat sat on the exam table so calmly for so long, while I was across the room. “I know!” I replied, “but he loves it.” I had her read the session excerpts as well. His bladder was empty and the doctor could not express anything to test, but I feel the information you gave us was truly helpful and gave the doctor much insight about where to place the needles today. I am very optimistic that this will help turn things around for us. I also believe your session excerpts helped the veterinarian realize some additional benefits of animal communication! He is new to the field and has a client/communicator to whom he refers patients. Thanks so much for a truly marvelous session once again!”

[From the mother one week later] “Vet . . . was glad my cat is doing so well. The doctor said he really can’t tell how much he’s improved, just knows from my description, we’re released indefinitely!!!! He used just two needles today, on the two Bau Wei points, I asked how he decided to do that and he said he goes by energy/instinct! . . . my cat sat there in bliss again today . . . .” As soon as the mother brought the cat home with her, he started using the litter box again.

Florida A woman horse trainer who uses natural methods of horsemanship was frustrated with her mare’s dangerously aggressive actions toward people, including the woman. She took this as a professional failure (which it was not). The horse also was suffering from health problems. I received the following from the client after the session: “I have been involved with many animal communicators and do this work myself; for me to hire another communicator to do this work with my horse, I had to have great faith in their abilities. My trust was well founded! I now have a very different perception of an animal that I have known intimately for two years! It sounds like you had a terrific session with her, you covered a lot of ground and made some great points. . . . and learned that her aggression was born of extreme physical discomfort . . . . You brought up things about her that NO ONE on the planet would know about her except me, and there was absolutely no doubt that you met her on her terms and came away with an incredible amount of information for me. You gave me several different ideas and directions to follow up with treatments for her, and I’ve followed them to great success. She is a MUCH happier young horse with her “real” personality returning and her old vim, vigor and vitality apparent to everyone that knows her. I just wanted to thank you so deeply and let you know how very grateful I am to you for helping me help her. What you charged is so minimal compared to what I’ve gotten out of this. Please know how much your gift helps other lives. God bless you!”

Alabama A woman’s dog had a serious habit of grumbling at people and animals. When this behavior got out of control, the woman asked me to speak with him. “Kat has had to speak to one of my dogs when his issues got out of control and he was not able to control his reactions. I cannot say enough good things about the information she gave me regarding his thought patterns, even though I have had him for almost nine years and have been training this breed specifically in obedience this entire time. I take in the ones [from the people] who want to get rid of them because they have behavior problems. I help them understand their dogs, and hopefully save a “family”. I would suggestion a communication with Kat to get insights into your [animal’s] personality. It has helped me be more understanding of my dog, but at the same time not letting him get away with anything that a canine should not in this human world. It puts us on the ‘same page’, so to speak.”

Iowa A woman rescued a dog with several serious issues including severe separation anxiety, and several incidences of growling at family members. “Even though I live nearly twenty-four hours a day with my dogs, Kat made sense of a lot of things in sessions, and it amazed me that on several occasions, a clear communication from her was all it took to change a behavior! A lot of times something the human is doing has to change as well, but not in all instances. It seems something unexpected and helpful always arises as well in each session, in addition to addressing the items asked for. . . . Anyone who is not sure whether a session would be helpful or not should try it when they can spare the money. It’s been worth more to us than an eight week obedience course has! Of course it doesn’t replace it, that’s not what I mean, but it’s done more in a shorter length of time, costs about the same AND can be really fun as well. It was very surprising to me how much information came through and how funny some of it was, besides helpful.”

Washington, D.C. A gentleman’s dog had started howling intermittently, which escalated in frequency, had been going on for some period of time, and a second dog was beginning to follow suit. “I went to your site and followed your procedure of getting on the floor and asking him why he was howling. He told me and I thanked him for telling me and he never howled again. It was just so amazing.”

England A young male dog was exhibiting certain behaviors which the client did not find acceptable, and she wanted to understand him better. I did a session with him, and she noticed improvement thereafter. I also explained to her the basics of animal communication and encouraged her to work with him on that level. Some time later I received a note from her: “I want you to know that [my dog] and I have reached a fine level of understanding, and we seem to instinctively know what the other wants . . . can’t explain it better than that, but after all your encouragement, I can honestly say that I can look at the boy and ‘see’ what it is he’s after . . . not a clear picture, but rather an impression if you will, kind of like if he wants his water bowl filled, I’ll feel thirsty . . . I can only attribute that to your involvement and encouragement. . . it’s taken a while, but it’s incredible really, now I can do it . . . funny thing is, my other dog and I have always had that [connection], but I just never recognized it!!”

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Lost Animals

Texas I was asked to help find a cat who had gone missing four days earlier. After receiving impressions about the cat’s condition, path of travel and current location, I gave the woman specific suggestions of where to look for him and how to assist in “guiding” him home through use of the Beacon of Light and Heart Connection techniques [see the Lost Animals page] . “We found him the following day. We were so happy to find him so quickly and especially grateful in the way you also helped us emotionally to handle this situation. Thanks, Kathleen, for being so dedicated and for doing this fabulous work, and my cat thanks you too. ”

California Assisted in locating a small, timid dog who had accidentally gotten out the door of a doggy day care one morning. The dog was not familiar with the area where the facility was located, being approximately 35 miles from its home. The day care personnel searched for hours with no luck and contacted me that evening. I relayed the information I received, and instructed the woman in how to use to visualization techniques to guide the dog back to her facility. He was waiting on the doorstep the next morning when the groomer arrived. As part of a comment to an animal care list we’re both membes of: “Kat was a big huge help when a dog escaped from our day care. She had all of us visualize the way back by showing the dog a bright light. The dog was found the next morning sitting in front of the day care after 12 hours of fruitless searching [the day before].”

Sweden A gentleman contacted me for assistance in finding his young male cat who had been missing for over two days. I connected with the cat several times over a four day period. He informed me each time that he was fine, he was on the equivalent of a “walkabout” as part of his entry into adulthood, was thoroughly enjoying himself, and would return after three days. He returned the night after we expected him to (he decided to delay his return an extra day because he was having so much fun). He was perfectly fine, and quite pleased with his ability to survive his adventure. “He’s back! He returned 22.30 this evening and is sitting here in my lap right now. He was in great shape when he arrived. I was watching TV and heard someone miaoing through the window so I opened the front door (my heart was pounding, what if it was he? ). And it was, he ran straight into the house and waited for me to follow him to his food bowl. But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that worried when I heard from you that he was feeling fine yesterday, but still a huge relief when he came home. I’m sure that we are going to request your services again sometime. Thank you for everything.”

Spain A dog had gone missing six years earlier while being boarded with the woman’s cousin in the country. She was worried and felt guilty because she never found him. I connected with her dog and found him living out his twilight years, safe and content with a loving, compassionate woman much like his first. I received distinct impressions of the terrain where he wandered from, and where he was. Looking at a map of Spain and photographs of the terrain afterwards confirmed my impressions. “Knowing that he is still alive and leads a happy life [was most helpful to me]. I needed to clear out some things with him, and I think now we both can be in peace with each other again. . . this consultation was extremely helpful to me . . . I feel pretty relieved now. . . I am really impressed by the answers I got. This consultation has helped me immensely (and hope it has helped him too). It has been an incredible experience.”

Washington, D.C. A dog that had been adopted just a month earlier had run away during a snow storm. The best friend of the man the dog belonged to, after visiting the Lost & Missing Animals page, told the man to be positive and visualize the dog coming back home. Within the hour the dog returned. The friend wrote to let me know that the man “is generally a skeptical person and when he called me in tears saying that he did exactly what I told him to do (seeing the dog coming home), it was a tremendous feeling . . . He is now a believer . . . “.

Missouri A dog brought into the rescue coordinator’s home directly from a horrid puppy mill situation escaped from her home that first night. From a posting to a list: “How do you find a dark grey dog in the dark? You don’t. I looked as best I could with a flashlight, he was gone. At sunrise my son John [name change] and I were both out walking and driving . . . no dog. . . . Talked to Kat, she describes a vacant lot, with weeds, but not thick, like the ground had been turned in preparation for something. Gravel road but not long? Row of trees in the background. HEY! She is describing the new housing addition northeast of me! We go in search there . . . more posters [handed out]. No dog. Kat says she will tell him to come home where he is safe. Search more, no dog. Sunday 4 am, I can’t sleep, I am worried . . . 6 am, better feed the dogs breakfast before I go [searching again]. I cried looking at his food dish. Where could he be. I let the dogs out one more time before I leave. One of my dogs is at the top gate, jumping around like a fool. He is running the fence line. Could it be???? I get the dogs in and go to the gate. YES, IT’S HIM! He sees me and runs! I get John up and we’re off. No dog. . . .more posters. Talked to a few people. Oh yea, they saw him yesterday . . . IN THE AREA KAT DESCRIBED! Brokenhearted, John and I come home without him. John walked as I drove the long way around to get home. John calls my cell phone. Guess who was hiding in a steel dog house by my garage? It’s HIM, he came back!!! I slowly walked up to the dog house, reached in and scratched his neck. He was so tired that he laid his head down and closed his eyes. I carried him into the house and put him in his crate. He slept for several hours. I am at peace . . . he is safe. THANK YOU, KAT, YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION!!!!! You brought him home!”

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Rescued/Adopted Animals

California A woman had adopted a dog from rescue and was curious about her past and about how she felt living with her new family. “The most helpful part . . . is knowing that she is content with her life now. . . The comments from her on respect are very interesting. My dogs have had very little in the way of formal obedience type training, yet both are quite polite and always listen. Both . . . are very well mannered and I never really thought about the respect issue as being part of it. I really can feel the respect going both ways in our relationship. . . Many of the responses made by her were things that I had felt or assumed myself from the little information I had about her past or from observing her behavior in various situations. . . I think that I would be interested in future consultations if a behavior problem occurred that completely baffled me. I also think a consultation would be great in the case of rescue animals that have no background information. I also think consultations would be most helpful in searching for lost pets. . . [I] have always been fascinated by that possibility and the potential help that animal communication can be used for.”

Missouri See Missouri case, above.

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Hunting, Field Work, Show Competition, etc.

Texas A man asked me to explain to a 4 year old dog what is involved in the sport of hunting and what was expected of him in that area (to retrieve the bird; to lay quietly in the deer blind; to not run through bushes and get thorns in his face), and also to stop jumping on people. The marginal hunting behavior and jumping up had gone on for several years. The jumping up stopped immediately, and the dog complied with the other requests within two weeks. They brought their first deer home a week after that. “[I was dealing with certain behavior and training issues with my male dog] such as being a working retriever in the field. He is smart and follows commands and requests well, and he shows a great desire to learn new things. There were just certain points I was having problems getting across to him and needed assistance. Every aspect of the consultation was helpful. I had made a list of honest questions that I needed answers to. I took him to the country and he didn’t come back with a face full of cactus thorns, which was great. He loves to chase rabbits and he never stops in time when they run under a cactus bush and he always ends up with thorns in his face. This last trip he was more careful. I even take him deer hunting but at times he would get restless in the deer blind while we sat and waited, and I can admit I don’t blame him because it can get boring at times. This last trip he did much better and really tried to be quiet. He did a great job because three doe walked by and never knew we were there. . . I observed a little as you worked with him. If you have ever owned a Golden Retriever, and I work on keeping him in good physical shape, . . . they are smart but very active with a short attention span. . . He really seemed to pay attention to you and I thought this was great. He pays attention to me because I work with him . . . but I have never seen him pay attention to anyone else to the same degree until you communicated with him.”

Illinois A woman asked me to work with her two year old dog, to find out why he seemed to have difficulty keeping commands straight for the various activities they trained in. “You have captured his essence and conveyed well the subtle quirks of his personality. I read the transcript and smile at his gentle reminders that I should not worry. Your [psychic] picture of him at the lower cupboard door . . . was so true as it is his job to close the cabinet doors — which he takes very seriously. This session really helped me clarify that I am headed in the right direction with him. I just need to not worry that we are not moving fast enough [with training]. It takes a “higher self” to steer us and I thank you for communicating with his Higher Self to help me get our bearings. Life is a journey, and I am blessed to share this journey with my family and animal companions. I can’t think of better traveling companions. Thanks for reminding me of my good fortune!”

Ohio A woman was concerned that her female AKC champion agility dog seemed to have lost interest in competing. I explored this issue and several others with the dog, and made suggestions to the client for how she could assist her animal friend in regaining her balance emotionally, mentally, spirituallly and physically. Four weeks later she wrote to say, “Everything you found was very consistent with what I’ve observed and you captured the essence of her in your remarks. I wanted to let you know how well she is doing. I followed of your instructions to the letter and have seen a huge improvement in her attitude and her agility. She is back on track and running great. She looks at me very knowingly when O do the pre-run warmup you suggested. And the little bit of extra weight I put on her definitely makes her look better and she seems even stronger than when she was very slim. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my girl. I’m sure I’ll be in touch in the future!”

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Terminal Illness; Euthanasia; Death; Animals In Spirit

Illinois An animal communicator asked me to speak with her dog about his life, what he liked, what he dreamed about, his physical condition (he had cancer) and other matters. “. . . the entire consultation provided further valuable insight into [my dog’s thoughts and feelings]. . . I feel you connected with him extremely well. As an animal communicator myself, it is more of a challenge to talk to my own dogs — however — I felt I knew the answers to the questions I gave you. None of the information you received from him surprised me, but you were able to get more detailed insight and information, which is very helpful . . . I didn’t feel that I had a “problem” that needed resolution, but the deeper understanding I’ve received and the relief that all is well has put my mind at ease. . . I’m very impressed with your professionalism. Your manner and tone is very comforting and confident.”

Texas Shortly before his passing, I communicated with a dog who had terminal cancer, explored his feelings about his life and impending death and about his beloved human companion. I assisted her in understanding same and in coming to terms with his passing. About four months later she received confirmation (through an incident which occurred that involved a habit of his while alive) that he was still very much with her In Spirit. From a post two weeks later to a list: “Kat has made me realize that there is something to it. One thing he told her was for me to look and listen and feel and he would be there. Earlier this month I was weeding the flowerbeds. He used to love helping me weed, he would grab the weeds and pull with me and then shake them and get dirt all over both of us. We had a lot of fun every spring working on those flowerbeds.

Well, this time we were out in the front and I was weeding, I felt what I thought was my female dog putting her head on my shoulder and leaning on me the way he used to. I said something to her and then looked up and realized she was laying in the grass in front of me. I just smiled and said something to him along the lines that I was glad he was there and hoped he was enjoying the beautiful day as much as I was. It was later when I went in the house that I got chills thinking about it, but it seemed so natural.”

[From a feedback form] “Reading the conversation with my dog helped me to get a perspective on the decision I had to make. . . the words and thoughts helped me feel a closeness to him and his situation. When the cancer started affecting him, he was not the dog I knew. He seemed distant. I am sure it was the pain. This session helped me connect with him again in his last days.”

[From a letter, after several months had passed:] “I finally got brave enough to read through the transcript of your session with my dog again. It was something I didn’t want to read for a while because the pain was so raw. Now that I have read it again, I have some new thoughts. I want to thank you for doing this for me. You and I both knew at the time, that I did not really believe, but I figured I had nothing to lose. Now that time has passed and I have read through it again, I see how much this session helped me, my departed dog, and my remaining dog companion. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I believe now, can you believe I am saying that?

The session helped me look at our relationship and life together. It helped me better prepare for his pending death, but the most important thing was that he said in the transcript to quit hovering and to live. I was hovering, I stared at him constantly wondering if he was in pain, if he needed anything, I was overly cautious about his every move or lack of movement. I was obsessed and overwhelmed by the whole process. That line in the transcript helped me realize that time was short, but we still had time and we needed to make the most of it!! Thank you for that! We had runs in the country, sometimes we just napped, we started living and playing again. I quit sitting and waiting for him to die! There is nothing I can give you or say to you to let you know how much I appreciate you helping me to wake up and recover the little time left. How sad it would have been if I would have continued to hover until his last breath and not had the fun we did. I never would have thought of doing anything like this and have always been very, very skeptical of things of this nature. You have educated me and helped me in so many ways. Thanks again for everything you have done.”

[From a post] “It helped me tremendously in understanding his position on his life, our relationship and his view of his impending death. I didn’t really believe in the wild and woo woo stuff, but after reading the transcript over a period of months, I have seen so much information that was accurate and detailed to know that you did indeed speak with my boy. Most importantly, it helped me to be at peace with what was happening. ”

Pennsylvania Tragically, a beloved dog died in a horrific car accident. The client, an animal communicator, wanted to be sure he did not suffer, that he was okay now, and if he would be returning to her. “I think the thing that impressed me the most about the session was the transcript……………the format in which you communicate. And I don’t mean to sound like I am discounting any of the information I received [through you]. As I told you during our phone call, you validated info and also brought in new details which I am forever grateful for. I have heard of AC’ers offering a taped copy of the session but I must admit you are the first that I have come across that offers a written transcript and not actually being on the phone with the human companion during the ‘connection.’ I found that most intriguing. . . . I also appreciated your promptness . . . . I found the session, now that I have had time to digest everything, calming. I still have my moments but I have put the transcript away and am trying to just pick up the pieces and move forward………..and I have you to thank for that. I truly miss his physical presence … he was such a big part of my life and routine, and I look forward to the day that we can once again reunite. Thank you again and I hope that one day we can meet….. Namaste, [name withheld]”

Texas A woman asked me if I could reach her beloved dog even though he had been gone for three years. She asked me to tell him how much she loved him, ask him if he was happy, and if he could help her overcome her grief at the loss of his physical body. “The report of your conversation with him was extremely helpful to me, and I have definitely felt better since then. I now feel he is still with me, and always will be. You mentioned that he is “an old soul”, and I [agreed] that he was born an old soul. He was always unlike any other dog I have ever owned — and I have been breeding and showing dogs for many years, and know the breed well. He never did all of the naughty things that most of this breed do, especially while growing up. He was always so quietly self-confident, and gentle. When you told me he was a highly evolved soul, I knew you were speaking to him. You never met him and that particular phrase spoke volumes to me and explained so much. You never met him, but you knew him that night. He also said that I should place my grief in the wind and let it dissipate to nothingness. I am working on that and this idea has also been very helpful. Summing up, this communication has reached much farther into me than I can even talk about, and has been an experience without parallel in my life. I cannot thank you enough.”

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Life Purpose; Past Lives

New York I was asked to speak with a female dog – there were no issues to be addressed, the client just had a desire to learn more about her current and any past connections with this dog. She also wanted to know how her dog felt about its present life. “What I did find interesting about the session was a confirmation of various “feelings” that I had about my dog and myself concerning this and past lives. There was also a reinforcement in this session for me to “connect more with the spiritual and not to get lost in the physical” . . . I add those words (in quotes) since it’s been told to me previously from the spirit world. There were also revelations regarding animal spirituality, work, and destiny. My desire with this session was to gain insight into physical and spiritual connections with my dog. This was accomplished. You came up with some very interesting information. One of the most exact was the name of a human . . . this person is well known to me. My reaction to the session is validity because there were things confirmed to me, things that I already “knew” but wanted verified. My dog seems totally unaffected from this session as she is back to being her usual loveable and personable self!!! But then, I wouldn’t think she’d be too affected since she’s chosen to be in my life and psychic experiences are fairly common [for me].”

≈ Have connected with animals of various species for the purpose of exploring their life’s purpose and their spirituality.

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Oklahoma A client wanted to get to know her dog better, to understand his personality, what motivated him, what made him happy, etc.

“I like knowing that my companion is inhabited by a spiritual being. It’s good to know that he doesn’t hate me for some of the things I’ve made him do. That he enjoys being with me. I like knowing that he doesn’t mind so much being alone during the day while I’m gone. I truly did want to know what he thinks of his world and living with me in his world. I believe that I gained the information I was seeking.”

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This page will be updated periodically with more case stories.

A Special Testimonial:

I came across Kat through someone’s recommendation in the UK and I count my blessings that I did. Unfortunately, I had to have my beautiful cat put to sleep and Kat’s intervention with the reading she gave me, after contacting him in spirit, made me realize that it was the right thing to do. Times like these are extremely hard and knowing that was he okay now, brought a tear to my eye, but a smile to my heart.

Kat is a no nonsense reader who says it how it is, in the kindest and most respectful way possible. She works at a level most of us could only ever dream of, and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is the real deal and working for your highest and best good. Kat is the most talented person in this field that I have ever come across; and being a lightworker myself, I have come across many.

I also used Kat for a reading for myself as I had been going around in circles for seven years after a divorce. It was astounding. It was factual and to the point and was given with love and respect, but brought home all the things I had forgotten I should be doing, and also reminded me of the things I had been doing that I could let go of. It answered so many questions that I needed answers to, and also changed the way I looked at myself and the world completely. I would have struggled in the same old loop for the rest of my life had I not had this reading. Recently, an event happened that would have knocked me sideways for months on end, if not years; but with the help of Kat working with my guides and other guides in spirit, I can now see that these old patterns need to stop, and thankfully I dealt with that event in a very short space of time.

For anyone wanting peace after a pet has gone to spirit, or if you are stuck and just can’t move forward, I cannot recommend this lady highly enough. It has changed my life for the better, and I know if I continue to follow the advice in my reading, my life will continue to move in a much more positive way, in every respect. THANK YOU, KAT. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Kindest wishes – J.P. ( UK )