How I Work

Pet Psychics in San Antonio TexasThank you for your interest in my work. Please let me know if you have questions regarding my work which are not answered by the information on this page or on the About Kat page.

My clients are located worldwide (North America, the United Kingdom, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere). I work with all species of animals and all situations except lost and missing animals  I have worked and continue to work with a myriad of animals who are located around the world about a wide variety of issues, as well as with animals in spirit. It is not necessary for me to be in the animal’s presence to receive information; distance has no effect on my psychic or telepathic abilities. And working with an animal in spirit is no different for me than working with a live animal. I consider it an honor to be asked to work with a person’s beloved animal friend and I do not take that request lightly.

I am an empath (I psychically receive impressions regarding the emotional state of an animal); clairsentient (I receive information through a sense of “inner knowing” which bypasses the thought process); clairaudient (I psychically hear the “voice” of the animal, and sense vibrations and hear sounds through a sense other than normal hearing); clairvoyant (I psychically see pictures, visions, scenes, objects, words, lights, colors, auras, thought-forms, animals and people, any of which may be past, present or future time). I am also clairscensient (I psychically smell odors and fragrances not physically present) and clairsavorant (I psychically experience tastes or flavors).

I communicate with the client first, either by e-mail or by telephone, about the animal (minimal information is requested). I will then schedule the communication session. During the session, I engage in a process known as channeled writing. I focus on a photograph or two of the animal (if the client can provide same to me; or a detailed physical description can be provided if no photographs are available). I psychically convey questions, issues to be addressed, and/or messages to the animal from the person. I psychically receive information and messages from the animal for their person. This is a back and forth dialogue between the animal and me on behalf of and for the benefit of the animal’s person. I transcribe the dialogue verbatim as it comes through, and do not judge, analyze or revise it. I relay the typed transcript to the client, they read it and then call me within 48 hours to discuss the contents. I am not on the telephone with the client when I do the session.

I am also able to receive information from the animal regarding body condition and current health issues, if any.  This information can be helpful to the client and their veterinarian or other animal health care professional in determining what, if any,  steps to take (allopathic medicine, holistic care, homeopathic treatment, flower essences, surgery, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.).  This information is not in lieu of medical diagnoses by a veterinarian and proper veterinary care.

In the case of a serious emergency situation (serious injury, imminent death, and the like), I usually relay information directly to the person by telephone unless otherwise agreed. For these situations, a photograph is not strictly necessary as I am able to receive information about the animal through connecting with the client during the telephone call.

Fees are determined by the length of the session, preparation time beforehand (the first 15 minutes are free), and discussion time afterwards (the first 15 minutes are free). Clients like having the typed transcript so they can review it several times in order to fully digest the information.  It also saves them from having to take notes during the telephone call afterwards, which can be distracting, and details and nuances can be missed when taking notes.

Each being, animal and human, is unique in their individual personalities, quirks, habits, foibles, beliefs, internal agendas, spiritual purpose . . . .  No two animals sound or feel the same to me energetically, nor do people.  Some animals “speak” in a fast, breathy or heavy voice; some are very polite, some are very hyper, some are shy; but each is able to communicate clearly with us, just as we do amongst ourselves.  The messages from our animal friends range from the mundane to the hilarious, from the serious to the profound.  Often all of those aspects of their personalities, and more, come through in a session.  I am always humbled by the feeling of love and compassion for their person which emanates from them during a communication session.

Animals love to be heard by us, truly heard, and they appreciate our attempts to do so.  Communicating with animals on behalf of their human companions is an interactive process.  Animals are grateful for the opportunity to share their stories and feelings and knowledge with their person.  Sometimes, to resolve issues, the person must look at adjusting their outlook or belief system regarding who their animal really is.

I hear time and again how, after a telepathic communication session with an animal, a behavior changed or a physical condition was improved, the animal is happier, more content, less aggressive, more affectionate etc., that the person better understands their animal companion’s outlook on life and why they behave in certain ways, and how it enhances and deepens their connection.  That’s what my work is about.

Healthy skepticism is understandable. I have been very intuitive all my life with animals and people, so this ability does not seem at all strange to me.   If a person has concerns about what animal communication is, how it works, and how that fits into their belief system, I encourage them to conduct their own research about the subject.  There are many well written books and tapes available.

Reviewing one or more books or tapes, or attending a seminar or workshop, about this subject can help you rediscover this natural ability within yourself.  Exploring this intangible realm can lead you on an exhilarating, soul-supporting, incredibly heart-expanding journey.  The ability to telepathically communicate with others is inherent in all of us.  Many still choose to ignore or negate or shun it, for any number of reasons. However, if you are reading this, you have opened your personal doorway to such a journey.