Pet Psychic Readings in TexasWhat are the benefits of inter-species telepathic communication?

The benefits are unlimited! Here are a few which immediately come to mind:

  • It enhances and deepens the relationship between the human and the animal.
  • It can be extremely helpful with rescued animals who have a history of abuse, mistreatment, neglect, etc. by learning about that history and understanding the resulting emotions and behaviors which the animal exhibits (such as fear, anger, over-submissiveness, excessive barking, destructiveness, aggressiveness toward other animals about food and other matters, etc.).
  • It opens the door for people to learn other ways of assisting their animal companions in being happy and healthy.
  • It can be extremely helpful when the animal has a serious medical illness or injury (I can obtain information regarding where the pain is located, what it feels like, what caused it, what might be helpful/feel good in treating it, etc.).
  • Often people find it comforting to speak with their animal through a communication session when death is near, or prior to the animal being euthanized, to be sure they will know when the animal is ready to leave its body, whether it wants assistance in doing so, if there are any other steps they can take to assist their animal to be comfortable until the end, and the like.
  • It can be helpful in addressing and improving or resolving issues between animal companions in the same household, get to the root of problems such as a cat urinating outside of the litterbox, a dog chewing on inappropriate items, a dog reacting with severe anxiety or fear to thunderstorms, a horse balking at jumps, etc.

See the subpages on this site for more information about telepathic animal communication and the services I offer for animals and people.