About Kat

Animal Communicator in San Antonio TXI realized years ago that if I wasn’t doing something I felt passionate about, then I was not  truly “walking my path”. I reevaluated my life and what gave me a deep sense of happiness, joy, contentment, satisfaction and accomplishment. This brought me back to being in service to others. I looked closely at how I could be of service in a way that would resonate peacefully within me and be beneficial not only to those I assist, but to myself as well (meaning: something I would love to do and not consider it “work”). My journey thus far has resulted in the services I currently offer.

I truly love helping animals and people in whatever ways I can best do that. Assisting people and animals in the ways I do is in alignment with my life path, is my contribution to the Universe (i.e. being in service to others to bring enlightenment, knowledge, comfort, guidance, encouragement, or whatever is needed, to the best of my ability), and an expression of my appreciation for the divinity within each of us.


I’ve been a student of metaphysical and spiritual matters since the late 1980’s. As a psychic, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and an empath. I am also an energy clearing and balancing practitioner.

Being aware of my intuitive and psychic abilities since a young age, my telepathic communication ability with animals and my ability to connect with a person’s guides, angels, and Higher Self (intuitive guidance sessions) are a blessing to me. Exploring this intangible realm over many years has been a joy-filled, humbling, heart-opening experience.  I find that operating from my intuitive/psychic self, and trusting the guidance I receive, is the best gift I can give to myself and others.

I am listed on Ms. Penelope Smith’s Directory of Animal Communicators.  Ms. Smith and Jeri Ryan, PhD, a practicing psychologist who has communicated with animals for many years, are internationally renowned for their work and their training programs, and are deeply respected pioneers in this field.  Both of these amazing women have been fabulous teachers and mentors for me, as has Ms. Valarie Heart, another internationally recognized communicator who also trained with Ms. Smith.   My sincerest and deepest thanks to them for their compassion and support, wisdom and knowledge, and encouragement during my training.

I love my work!

I am very committed to assisting humans in better understanding their animal friends and companions through telepathic animal communication sessions, body scans, and energy clearing and balancing sessions. Healthy skepticism is understandable, and I gladly welcome questions about this topic.  You may find the case testimonials on my site regarding my work to be of interest.

It is also an honor when asked to do an intuitive guidance session for a person. I greatly enjoy assisting that person in such a manner to move forward more easily on and with greater clarity about their life path and purpose.

My work is my passion, and it is a joy to be able to assist others in the various ways that I do. Please contact me if I may be in service to you and/or to your beloved animal companion(s).

Wishing you many blessings, and may abundance in all areas of life be yours.

Education and Experience

  • Basic and Counseling/Problem Solving  Communication Courses, Assisi International Animal Institute (Jeri Ryan, PhD), Oakland, California
  • Advanced I Communication Course, Penelope Smith, Point Reyes, California
  • Basic Communication Course (Ms. Smith’s program), Valarie Heart, San Antonio, Texas
  • Energy Clearing and Rebalancing Modalities:  trained in Emotional Release Intensive (ERI) and  Angelic Frequency Healing; Reiki Master
  • Bach and Wild Earth Animal Essences Practitioner
  •  Many years of courses, training and practical experience in Psychic, Metaphysical, and Animal Subjects and Animal Care
  •  Lifelong telepathic and psychic abilities
  • Ordained Minister


  • Teacher (workshops and lectures) in the U.S. and internationally
  • Author of “Kat’s Journal”, free bi-monthly email newsletter (ISSN 1930-028X – Library of Congress, National Serials Data Program)
  • Contributed to “Awakening to Animal Voices” by Dawn Baumann Brunke
  • Contributed to “Animals in Spirit” by Penelope Smith
  • Author of published articles regarding animal communication, holistic animal care, and vibrational essences: Holistic Horse, Natural Horse Magazine, Organic Equine, New Zealand Kennel Club Gazette and others
  • Host of “Animal Corner”, internet radio show, on www.healthylife.net, 2004-2006
  • Listed on Penelope Smith’s International Directory of Animal Communicators


  • Appearance in “Duncan’s Story”, an episode of the show “A Pet Story”, on Animal Planet
  • WOAI news radio interview (San Antonio, Texas)
  • San Antonio Express-News interview articles (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Interviewed for www.mypetsnetwork.com
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